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Installation Location and Accessories for Temperature Probes (902442)


The correct selection of installation locations for acquiring the representative local temperature is a necessary precursor to temperature measurement in pipelines.
The high accuracy degree of temperature probes is frequently lost as a result of the device being incorrectly installed – this usually leads to the incorrect assessment that the probe is of poor quality.
As a result, the correct installation location is the first step for correct temperature measurement.

• Ball valves                              • Installation accessories
• T-pieces                                 • Adapter screw fittings



Ball valve

Ball valves essentially serve as an installation location where they function as a shut-off device with an integrated measuring point for a directly connected temperature probe. They fulfill the requirements of the integrated environmental protection. That means prevention/reduction of stresses and strains right where they could develop. The pipe systems do not have to be emptied when the temperature probe is installed or exchanged. The measuring point in the ball valve represents the best temperature measurement that is available today in pipelines with a small nominal width. The measuring point corresponds to the regulations of EN 1434-2 and is designed so that the temperature probe is positioned in the pipe at an optimum mounting depth.


T-pieces are ideal installation locations for thermowells, especially when an optimal coordination of the immersion depth is an inherent feature of the design. When using the intended temperature probe, a measuring point with the maximum immersion depth for the respective pipe cross section is available. This is the only way to attain minimal heat conduction error.


Adapter screw fittings

Adapter screw fittings are used for the adaptation of process connection threads to the thread of thermowells or temperature probes. The right choice prevents the formation of a tower, which would cause the active measuring part of the temperature probe to inch out of the center of the pipe.

Installation accessories

Installation accessories such as welded sockets complete the assortment for the adaptation of the installation location to the temperature probe or the thermowell.