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JUMO digiLine - Intelligent Electronics with Digital Interface or Analog Output for pH/ORP/T (202705)


  • Can be screwed on analog sensors with plug head N (S7/S8) or VP multipole connection (Variopin) so that it is compatible to most analog sensors on the market
  • Bus-compatible JUMO digiLine interface or analog output 4 to 20 mA (with digital parameterization interface)
  • Integrated temperature compensation (automatically with Pt1000 or manual value specification)
  • Calibration of transmitter; also possible via PC in a laboratory (1/2/3 point)
  • Storage of calibration data and calibration logbook in JUMO digiLine electronics
  • Recording of extreme process values (drag indicator function, number/duration of limit value exceedances)
  • Alarms and limit value monitoring programmable
  • Digital input for HOLD (for variant with analog output)
  • JUMO digiLine interface downward compatible to Modbus RTU
  • PC software JUMO DSM (Digital Sensor Management) for configuration, parameterization, calibration, and documentation
  • Easy exchange of the sensor (pH/ORP/T), further utilization of the electronics

Customer benefits

The advantages of electrodes with combined JUMO digiLine electronics

  • Fail-safe digital data transfer for optimal process monitoring
  • Modular system: for single measuring points and for establishing electrode networks
  • Plug and Play function when connected to transmitters from the JUMO AQUIS touch series. This facilitates the replacement of electrodes or the brief exchange of electrodes for calibration purposes.
  • Also suitable for use with the JUMO mTRON T automation system
  • Version with 4 to 20 mA output for integration into existing systems
  • JUMO digiLine electronics can continue to be used even when the electrode becomes worn
  • Easy and secure calibration in the lab


  • Municipal and industrial water treatment in wastewater treatment plants
  • Process systems
  • Drinking and pool water monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical water
  • Food and beverage production (SIP/CIP plants)
  • Gas scrubbers/air washers
  • Cooling tower control
  • Ion exchangers
  • RO units (reverse osmosis)
  • Power stations and energy plants
  • Fish breeding
  • Desalination of seawater


The JUMO digiLine pH transmitter permits transmission of the measured value from the sensor to the measuring or automation device via digital bus communication or as an analog signal. The digital device version of the transmitter has a five-pole and the analog version an eight-pole M12 plug connector. The five-pole digital transmitter supports Plug and Play operation on the JUMO AQUIS touch S/P or in Modbus operation on the JUMO mTRON T. Several sensors continuously transmit their measurement data over the bus to a measuring device. ‌As an alternative, the eight-pole device version can also be used. It is designed as a two-wire transmitter with analog output and transmits measured values in the form of a scalable standard signal (4 to 20 mA). The eight-pole device version features a digital input that can be configured as a switching signal of the analog output value between pH/redox measured value/temperature value as well as a hold signal for the analog output value. Additionally, the digital input for the measurement inputs of the eight-pole device version can be configured as a hold signal.



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Download  360.exe (Full Version)  (51.5 MB)

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